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Community for the indies band GLAMOROUS HONEY.

>>about the band

GLAMOROUS HONEY originally formed under the session band L on October 27, 2004. They first started with four members, Yuuki of Elldorado (guitar&vo), Takeomi (drums), and K. (guitar) and You (bass) of New Sodmy. Three days later on October 30th they played their first live as GLAMOROUS HONEY at the Tokyo Kinema Club. Later in January they became a five-member band when Hico joined and took over guitar for Yuuki.

On August 25 2005 they released their first maxi-single Lost Child. Their second maxi-single Brilliant Honey, was released November 30th. Their latest release on July 4th 2006 was their first demo CD, Air.

February 1st, 2006 Hico and You announce they are leaving the band. Glamhoney's activity ceased for several months until Yasu officially joined as bass on May 10th. Yuuki, now UK, has returned to guitar.

>>community rules
  • Play nice. Have fun :)
  • Please stay on topic. It's fine to post and share files of other bands GH members have been in, but not for unrelated bands. For example posting about Eldorado and New Sodmy is great, posting about bands like bis or Lareine is not.
  • Please put large images/posts/any mature content under a lj-cut. If you don't know how to make an LJ-cut, please check here.
  • Any problems, please contact me. :)

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