So I am quite new to this community
Don't know why I didn't think to search something considering GlaHo have taken the place of my favourite band since EllDorado.
Unfortunately, I am stuck not being able to see them for a while as being a University student I have next to no money; infact I have so little I am in debt xD But fortunately, my course takes me to Japan for a year so I plan on going to every live I can get to~~~

But that isn't the reason behind this post.
I was wondering if anybody had a largeish, clear shot of the crown logo they have.
I am developing a side piece and the main focus is the large wasp and scrolls with 'Glamorous and Die' infact I am waiting until I get my next loan through so I can get the rest filled in >.<
But yes, I was hoping to intergrate the crown into it somehow although I haven't yet managed to find an actual decent picture O.o

Thankyou very much in advance~
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Semiuta and Suikyou

Since I was thinking blacktempest's post.

Would anyone be interested in setting something up for me to pick up copies of Semiuta and Suikyou at Glam's live on the 22'd? (I'm not sure what's going on during the one on the 16th but i might be able to there too-- but it's a-typical and thus i don't know).

I could set it up via paypal. It'd be 1000 yen for both singles plus another 800 for the shipping. If there's interest I'll do this.
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Glamorous Honey new releases and site update!

They've talked about this new release for ages, but they've finally gone ahead and released two singles simultaneously! A bit more indie on this release though, the singles are 2-track CD-Rs. The CD-Rs (500y each) contain random photos and song lyrics, and will be available through the website at a later date. I've already been told by threemadness that the singles are great!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The site also has been updated with new promo photos for the top page and bio, check it out! They're all looking good. ^^ They also have a new section, a Lyrics page.

Glamorous Honey @ 四谷アウトブレイク 6/8

So after school and all the getting ready for the live tokimekihoney and I head up to outbreak and get in there like 10 minutes after the doors opened...

and no one was there. I walked in leaving Alicia paying for her drink ticket ... and the room was empty, with a bowl of snacks. And on the right side of the room... all of Glam. Most intimidatingly Mr. Ken~~~~; ;o; Oh go I had to run back down the hallway and wait for Alicia. Then there was no place to stand except the middle of the empty room... Yup the band kept staring at us.

There were a few other people in the room, but they were all chilling and smoking. But they're just hanging around-- later do we find out that ALL of these people were just in some of the other bands.

First comes Mivk. They were okay. They were a three person band with a chick on bass. sorta weird. By this time we'd ended up right in front of Glam's good table though because people kept coming in and we had to get out of the way.

After this Ken/K. got up to get out of the way and so I took this at as my chance to go pick up the AIR single. I was totally not going to approach that table while Ken was there. (I have such a fear of that man).

Anyways, Alicia decides she wants one too, so we get two. And Yuuki got SO FUCKING EXCITED.

He was all "OOOOOOH. THANK YOU!!!!" In English, then Takeomi who's sitting next to him does the same thing. Then they both grab our hands and thank us a huge amount shaking them... a lot. They were so cute. Right after that Ken comes back, and I blush and turn away as the next band comes on.

The next one was 8-eit. They come out to this 50's ish music and the lead singer has a top hat and it was all sorts of awesome.

Then, between bands stupid white music came on and Alicia and I were being dorks and all of Glamorous Honey was sitting at the table laughing at us. It was fabulous.

After that was クウレイホク which had a female vocalist and -- the vocalist from the first band kept yelling at her all "KAWAIIIII" loudly and the big masculine vocalist was like 'Thank you!!!'. It was hilarious. The next band was RAMAR and they were super genkiiii. They were cute and fun, the guitarist was pretty fucking impressive compared to what we'd heard the rest of the night.

Sometime before RAMAR the last of Glam Honey went and disappeared backstage. (Most of them were still out until that time-- minus Yasu who'd disappeared before the first band was over).

So we go to head up to the front of the stage and stand a couple rows back except there's a HUGE gap in the front row between Ken and Yuuki. So Alicia asks the girl in front of Yuuki if I can stand there and then we talk for a bit. She was all excited that this was my first Glam show. She asked where I was from and we talked a bit. When she found out I was a Ken fan she grabbed the girl on the other side of me--- this girl has been standing up front to the side all night you could tell she was getting in position to get right in front of Ken. This girl was SO EXCITED to hear I was a Ken fan and we talked about him a bit :)

It's weird I'd always heard Ken fans were bitches-- but all the girls there were SO NICE. (Minus the weird pressy super dressed up girls in the back who sent death glares at Alicia and I all night).

They come on stage and they're so cute. Ken, Yasu, and Takeomi all have on the Glam t-shirts and jeans. Ken's hair has shaved the both sides and he's got the sides dyed pink. He's still got the goatee. Yuuki had on a knee length hoodie, and had the hood up at first. All his hair's been cut off, and it's blonde and rather cute.

Yuuki/UK is so adorable on stage and he thinks he's hard core but really isn't. He flails a bit when playing but he's so into it and always looking to the crowd or doing weird arm movements when he's not playing guitar. His poor string snapped during it though which was sad! So he had to improvise a bit. Honestly he's just great to watch, I figured I was going to watch Ken all night but I watched Yuuki just as much as him.

Ken-- wow. This kid has got like ADD or something. He can not stand still. He does this little dance thing where he moves back and forth and up and down with his feet sliding as he plays. At the end of songs when he's done playing he does stupid shit like pick up his guitar and tries to use the top of it to touch the rafters. It's weird though-- when he plays most of the time he keeps his eyes shut...

Yasu I didn't watch much as I was facing the other direction. Takeomi--- oh man he was ... amusing. He sang along (without a mic) to every word Yuuki sang.

Anyways they played 8 songs, five of which are new. They talked about recording the new album and pimped some of their new lives.

The songs they did play that weren't new are:
明日の向こう and
Cell Divison.

"Clap your hands" part of that song was so fun too. They were just all really into it :)

I'm going to see them next on the 19th :)


So the Gi-Na project of Ken's which never did anything. (Between free and gla-ho~) has been revived.

Here's the site: http://www.k4.dion.ne.jp/~gi-na/

plus they've got a mini album out --- gi-na > glaho. pwn'd.

I think it's cute that on the Gla-ho tour they're playing with Zwei too!

Now if only one of them will add a date in may after i move to japan ;o;